Quake 1

Amiga Specific Command Line Options

Option Restriction Description
-ahi Use AHI for sound output (default for MorphOS), which allows to use sound cards. Otherwise the Amiga-native Paula chip is used.
-audspeed <hz> Sets the sound sampling rate to <hz>. Default is 11025 Hz.
-cgfx Use Cybergraphics for video output. This is the default, and the system will only try to open an AGA screen when no Cybergraphics is present.
-forcewpa8 Update screen by using OS-friendly WritePixelArray8()-call. The default is to access the frame buffer directly, which is faster.
-modeid <id> CGX only Defines the screen mode id to use. A "0x" prefix before the <id> specifies a hexadecimal number. Default is to open a screen mode requester.
-aga Force Amiga-native AGA video mode, even when Cybergraphics is present. Note that you need to have the "Ntsc" monitor driver installed.
-ntsc AGA only 320x200 pixels in 60Hz/15kHz. This is the default for AGA.
-pal AGA only 320x256 pixels in 50Hz/15kHz. Requires the "Pal" monitor driver.
-dblntsc AGA only 320x200 pixels in 60Hz/27kHz. Requires the "DblNtsc" monitor driver.
-dblpal AGA only 320x256 pixels in 50Hz/27kHz. Requires the "DblPal" monitor driver.
-no68kfpu CSPPC/BPPC only When the M68k-CPU on your PowerUp board has no FPU (e.g. 68LC040) you need this option to use mathieeedoubbas.library for FPU emulation.
-mem <size> Defines the size of memory in Megabytes to allocate for Quake. Default is 16 MB. The lowest possible value is 6 MB (for standard Quake).
-nocdaudio Don't try to playback audio tracks from CD-ROM during game. Default is to check if a CD is present. Note that you need to set the environment variables quake1/cd_device to the name of your SCSI/ATAPI device and quake1/cd_unit has to be the unit number of your CD-ROM.
-nomouse Disables mouse control in the game.
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