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13 Simple binary output module

This chapter describes the simple binary output module which can be selected with the ‘-Fbin’ option.

13.1 Legal

This module is written in 2002-2009,2013 by Volker Barthelmann and is covered by the vasm copyright without modifications.

13.2 Additional options for this version


Writes a Commodore PRG header in front of the output file, which consists of two bytes in little-endian order, defining the load address of the program.

13.3 General

This output module outputs the contents of all sections as simple binary data without any header or additional information. When there are multiple sections, they must not overlap. Gaps between sections are filled with zero bytes. Undefined symbols are not allowed.

13.4 Known Problems

Some known problems of this module at the moment:

13.5 Error Messages

This module has the following error messages:

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