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Quake 1.09 for AmigaOS and MorphOS

This is a port of id software's famous first-person shooter Quake 1 for AmigaOS 3.x, AmigaOS 4.x, MorphOS, WarpOS and PowerUp.

To be able to play Quake, you have to install the original game data first. Create a new directory for Quake and copy the original id1 directory into it. Then extract the downloaded Amiga version into your Quake directory.

Starting Quake 1
Quake offers a small MUI-based GUI to let the player make the most important settings. Make sure to select a working screen mode before you launch the game for the first time, as the preselected mode might not be the best one.

When started from the shell you may refer to the description of command-line options. The program will automatically use CyberGfx, when cybergraphics.library was successfully opened, otherwise it tries to open a 320x200 AGA screen. In the CyberGfx case you will first be asked for a screen resolution before the game screen is opened.

Sound is played using Paula by default, except for MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x, which default to AHI. You may override those settings manually by using the GUI or the appropriate command-line option, of course.

Note: Make sure that you have set the stack size to 300000 bytes before starting the PowerUp or AmigaOS4 versions. The other ports have automatic stack extension.

02-Oct-2005. Release of V2.30.
Quake68k.lha Quake1 for AmigaOS 3.x/68k.
QuakeOS4.lha Quake1 for AmigaOS 4.x/PPC.
QuakeMOS.lha Quake1 for MorphOS 1.x.
QuakeWOS.lha Quake1 for WarpOS.
QuakePup.lha Quake1 for PowerUp.
Quake_src.lha Source text of Amiga port, without GL (updated: sys_gui.h was missing).

68060_fix.lzx Simon Goodwin's 68060 No Bypass fix.

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