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25 Trillek TR3200 cpu module

This chapter documents the Backend for the TR3200 cpu.

25.1 Legal

This module is written in 2014 by Luis Panadero Guardeño and is covered by the vasm copyright without modifications.

25.2 General

This backend accepts TR3200 instructions as described in the TR3200 specification

The target address type is 32 bits.

Default alignment for sections is 4 bytes. Instructions alignment is 4 bytes. Data is aligned to its natural alignment by default, i.e. 2 byte wide data alignment is 2 bytes and 4 byte wide data alignment is 4 byte.

The backend uses TR3200 syntax! This means the left operands are always the destination and the right operand is the source (except for single operand instructions). Register names have to be prefixed by a ’%’ (%bp, %r0, etc.) This means that it should accept WaveAsm assembly files if oldstyle syntax module is being used. The instructions are lowercase, ‘-dotdir’ option is being used and directives are not in the first column.

25.3 Extensions

Predefined register symbols in this backend:

25.4 Known Problems

Some known problems of this module at the moment:

25.5 Error Messages

This module has the following error messages:

25.6 Example

It follows a little example to illustrate TR3200 assembly using the oldstyle syntax module (option ‘-dotdir’ required):

const   .equ 0xBEBACAFE           ; A constant
an_addr .equ 0x100                ; Other constant

; ROM code
      .org 0x100000
_start                            ; Label with or without a ending ":"
      mov %sp, 0x1000             ; Set the initial stack

      mov %r0, 0
      mov %r1, 0xA5
      mov %r2, 0
      storeb %r0, an_addr, %r1

      add %r0, %r2, %bp
      add %r0, %r2, 0
      add %r0, %r0, 10
      add %r0, %r0, 10h
      add %r0, %r0, 0x100010
      add %r0, %r0, (256 + 100)   ; vasm parses math expressions

      mov %r2, 0
      mov %r3, 0x10200

      loadb %r6, 0x100200
      loadb %r1, %r2, 0x100200
      loadb %r1, %r2, %r3
      loadb %r4, var1

      push %r0
      .repeat 2                 ; directives to repeat stuff!
      push const

      .repeat 2
      pop %r5
      pop %r0

      rcall foo                 ; Relative call/jump!

foo:      ; Subrutine
      ifneq %r5, 0
        mul %r5, %r5, 2
      sub %r5, %r5, 1


; ROM data
      .org 0x100500
var1  .db 0x20                  ; A byte size variable
      .even                     ; Enforce to align to even address
var3  .dw 0x1020                ; A word size variable
var4  .dd 0x0A0B0C20            ; A double word size variable
str1  .asciiz "Hello world!"    ; ASCII string with null termination
str2  .string "Hello world!"    ; ASCII string with null termination
      .fill 5, 0xFF             ; Fill 5 bytes with 0xFF
      .reserve 5                ; Reserves space for 5 byte

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