A portable and retargetable assembler.
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Compilation Instructions

To compile vasm you first have to choose a Makefile which fits for your host architecture. The following are available:
  • Makefile - standard Unix/gcc Makefile
  • Makefile.68k - makes AmigaOS 68020 executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.Haiku - gcc Makefile which doesn't link libm
  • Makefile.MiNT - makes Atari MiNT 68020 executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.MOS - makes MorphOS executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.OS4 - makes AmigaOS4 executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.PUp - makes PowerUp executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.TOS - makes Atari TOS 68000 executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.WOS - makes WarpOS executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.Win32 - makes Windows executable with MS-VSC++
  • Makefile.Win32FromLinux - makes Windows executable on Linux

Then select a CPU- and a syntax-module to compile. Do this by defining CPU and SYNTAX for your Makefile, e.g.

make CPU=m68k SYNTAX=mot

Available CPU modules:
  • CPU=6502
  • CPU=6800
  • CPU=arm
  • CPU=c16x
  • CPU=jagrisc
  • CPU=m68k
  • CPU=ppc
  • CPU=qnice
  • CPU=test
  • CPU=tr3200
  • CPU=vidcore
  • CPU=x86
  • CPU=z80

Available Syntax modules:
  • SYNTAX=std
  • SYNTAX=madmac
  • SYNTAX=mot
  • SYNTAX=oldstyle
  • SYNTAX=test

The Makefile will then generate a vasm-binary called: vasm<CPU>_<SYNTAX>[_<HOST>]

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