A portable linker for multiple file formats.
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Compilation Instructions

To compile vlink you first have to choose a Makefile which fits your prefered compiler and host/target architecture. The following are available:

  • Makefile - standard Unix/gcc Makefile
  • Makefile.Irix5 - IRIX5.3/gcc Makefile
  • Makefile.68k - makes AmigaOS/68k executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.MOS - makes MorphOS executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.OS4 - makes AmigaOS4 executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.PUp - makes PowerUp executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.WOS - makes WarpOS executable with vbcc
  • Makefile.Win32 - makes Windows executable with MS-VSC++

Note: When using an old, non ISO-C99 compliant, compiler, you have to define -DTYPES32BIT or -DTYPES64BIT (64-bit hosted compiler) in your Makefile.

You may have to create the objects directory for your target architecture. Then run make -f Makefile.name. The vbcc-Makefiles will generate a vlink-binary which is called vlink_<TARGET>.

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