WebChessNG is a fork of WebChess v0.9.0

It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


New WebChessNG patch version v1.1.4


Fixed 1 bug:

  • Don't remove Automatically an Admin user

  • New WebChessNG patch version v1.1.3


    Fixed 1 bug:

  • Division by zero in Reliability calculation

  • New WebChessNG patch version v1.1.2


    Fixed 2 bugs:

  • Calculation of reliability
  • % calculation of aborted games

  • New WebChessNG Bugfix version v1.1.1


    Fixed 3 bugs:

  • ELO calculating for aborted games
  • email validation in profil
  • create new user on the Adminpage userconfig

    New WebChessNG release v1.1


    new feature are:

  • Multi language support (German, English, Slovak)
  • New player statistic
  • User groups (Administrator, player)
  • and much more in changelog

    New WebChess release v1.0.1


    Fixed two bugs:

  • Promotion bug
  • en-passant bug

  • New WebChess release v1.0


    It is a completely rewrite of the original WebChess v0.9.0 and include some new feature like:

  • ELO-rating
  • View and replay of ended games
  • Chat between players
  • new GUI
  • Event logging

  • All changes are listet in the changelog.