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vbcc is a highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler. It supports ISO C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a subset of the new standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99).

This is the support site for Amiga (AmigaOS, MorphOS) and Atari (TOS, MiNT, Jaguar).

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Old vbcc release archives (0.8 to 0.8f)

17-Oct-2002: vbcc 0.8b update for MorphOS.
  • Updated vbcc V0.8b code generators for M68k and PowerPC.
  • Startup code got a major overhaul. Many bug fixes and optimizations. Automatic stack swapping really works now.
  • New prototypes and assembler inlines for OS-calls (as known from m68k-amigaos target).
  • libamiga.a uses the faster EmulCallDirectOS calls now.
  • libvc.a improved and optimized.
  • New vlink. Supports protection of symbols against stripping. MorphOS executable.
vbcc_0.8b_mos.lzx vbcc 0.8b full release archive for MorphOS.

25-Nov-2001: vbcc 0.8a update.
  • WarpOS amiga.lib: Fixed DoMethod(), DoSuperMethod(), DoCoerceMethod().
  • PPC target: Wrong alignment when initializing amiga-aligned structures (by using the -amiga-align compiler option or #pragma amiga-align).
  • M68K target: Minor bug fixes. Problems with long long -> short conversion.
  • New PPC assembler and disassembler with experimental AltiVec support.
vbcc_0.8a_aos.lzx vbcc 0.8a update for AmigaOS (68k, WarpOS and PowerUp). Requires vbcc.lha.

22-Jul-2001: vbcc 0.8 MorphOS native.

This archive contains the MorphOS native binaries and config files for V0.8.

vbcc_MorphOS.lha vbcc 0.8. MorphOS binaries. Requires vbcc.lha.

05-Jul-2001: vbcc 0.8 release.

This archive contains the compiler, preprocessor, assembler, linker, frontend, message browser, startup codes, C-libraries, amiga.lib replacements and several other tools to generate code for AmigaOS/68k, WarpOS, PowerUp and MorphOS.

  • bug fixes in the compiler, optimizer, tools and libraries
  • improved code-generation
  • improved optimizations, including inter-procedural, cross-module optimizations and alias-analysis
  • support for some c99 features
  • stack-checking and measurement of stack-usage
  • documentation as pdf and html documents
  • new attributes (e.g. __amigainterrupt, __section)
  • new #pragmas for PPC (amiga-align etc.)
  • inline-headers for WarpOS PPC-native libraries
  • (backend-specific) predefined macros
  • improved libaries and headers
  • new versions of Frank Wille's assemblers and linkers
  • use of a builtin preprocessor
  • support for MorphOS
vbcc.lha vbcc 0.8. Full release for AmigaOS (68k, WarpOS and PowerUp).

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