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vasm 1.9a 03-Oct-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux vasm is a portable and retargetable assembler able to create linkable objects in various formats as well as absolute code. Multiple CPU-, syntax and output-modules are supported.
vlink 0.17a 22-Sep-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux vlink is a portable linker that can read and write a wide range of object- and executable file formats.
vbcc-PosixLib 3.0 27-Mar-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUp A library with POSIX, TCP/IP and other BSD/Unix functions for vbcc.
ptplayer 6.2 26-Mar-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Optimized Protracker player source with support for external sound effects for game development.
vbcc 0.9h 28-Feb-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux vbcc is a highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler. It supports ISO C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a subset of the new standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99).
fd2pragma 2.197h 30-Jan-22 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux Portable tool by Dirk Stoecker to create pragmas and inlines from FD and SFD files for all C compilers. This is a branch from the last official SourceForge release.
vda68k 1.5 28-Apr-19 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux Portable M68k disassembler for 68000-68060, 68851, 68881, 68882.
IRA 2.09 06-Mar-18 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSNetBSDLinux A portable M68k reassembler for AmigaOS hunk-format executables, libraries, devices and raw binary files. Precompiled binaries for AmigaOS 2/3/4 and MorphOS included.
wosdb 0.5 26-Nov-17 WarpOS Low-level debugger for WarpOS which supports single-step trace mode, breakpoints, memory-dump, disassembling and displays symbol names when a symbol hunk is present in the executable.
vdappc 1.6 26-Nov-17 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUpNetBSDLinux Portable PowerPC disassembler including AltiVec.
cvs-client 1.11.23 21-Nov-10 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOS Concurrent versions control system. Client only. SSH1 included. No ixemul!
pasm 1.8b 16-Jan-09 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUp A portable PowerPC assembler, which supports includes, conditional assembly and macros. Output is ELF, EHF or raw. End of life reached. Please consider using vasmppc.
PhxAss 4.44 06-Apr-05 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Full optimizing M68k macro assembler. End of life reached. Please consider using vasmm68k instead.
FindHunkOffset 1.0 11-Mar-00 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Determine symbol-offset, source-, function-name and line number from a hunk-offset in executable files with a symbol and/or debug hunk.
PowerVisor 1.43alpha 24-Dec-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Powerful source level debugger and monitor for 68020+68851, 68030 and 68040.
PhxLnk 4.32 17-Nov-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Simple AmigaOS hunk-format linker. Supports small-data, ALVs, constructors. End of life reached. Please consider using vlink instead.
PhxMon 1.10 18-Jun-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Simple monitor with disassembler and trace-mode for 68000/010.
ppclibemu 0.9d 04-Feb-07 WarpOS Allows running many PowerUp applications under WarpOS without performance loss through emulation of the PowerUp kernel and ppc.library.
powerpc.library 16.1beta 07-Jan-01 WarpOS This version is proven to work well with ppclibemu.
STonAmiga 1.0 15-Jan-04 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUp Port of STonX, an Atari ST emulator.
tinyulMUI 1.1 02-Jan-10 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOS Uploader for tinybld-based PICs (e.g. Minimig). Uses MUI.
MUI MemDump 1.0 18-Mar-06 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOS Dumps and modifies memory regions with a nice GUI,
NTPSync 2.3 03-Feb-06 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOS Synchronizes your system clock via NTP.
BPPCFix 1.4 27-Mar-00 WarpOS Resident module to prevent ppc.library from initializing. Required for newer BPPC boards to be able to run the WarpOS kernel.
CSPPC233Fix - 23-Nov-99 WarpOSPowerUp Many Cyberstorm PPC 233MHz boards suffer under frequent crashes, caused by overheating. CSPPC233 tries to catch and fix most of those crashes and allows PPC programs to continue.
AsmBf 1.2 18-Jun-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x M68k assembler source text formatting utility.
MemSpeed 1.1 18-Jun-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x This small CLI utility displays the maximum speed in kBytes per second for reading, writing and copying to various memory regions.
DevCopy 1.2 18-Jun-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.x CLI utility for reading, writing and viewing blocks of a trackdisk-compatible device.
Other applications
bzip2 0.9.5d 14-Dec-99 AmigaOS2.x/3.xWarpOSPowerUp Very good block-sorting file-compressor. No ixemul!
W W1R4PL2 12-Dec-99 NetBSD W is a small, portable window manager from Torsten Scherer and Eero Tamminen.
Trap Runner Black Strawberry Cake 1.0 22-Dec-19 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Sequel to Trap Runner. Two new worlds with challenging boss fights.
Celtic Heart 1.1 27-Oct-19 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Medieval horizontal platformer over 13 levels. Based on Trap Runner engine.
Trap Runner 1.2 03-Mar-19 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Horiz. scrolling jump'n'run over 25 levels. Traps, missions, magic and extra levels. Including boss fight.
Solid Gold 1.2 30-Apr-17 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Jump'n Run with soft 8-way scrolling over four worlds with different graphics and music.
Sqrxz4OCS 1.1 31-Jul-16 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Cold Cash! Making the series officially a quadrology!
Sqrxz3OCS 1.0 19-Jul-15 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Adventure for love. Mindblasting frustration deluxe!
SqrxzOCS 1.3 12-Jun-15 AmigaOS2.x/3.x A Jump'n Run puzzle game with a high frustration factor.
Giana's Return 1.10 27-Dec-14 AmigaOS4.xMorphOSNetBSD Unofficial Sequel of Great Giana Sisters.
Sqrxz4 1.00 10-May-14 AmigaOS4.xMorphOSNetBSD Cold Cash! Mindblasting frustration deluxe!
Sqrxz2 1.00 09-Nov-13 AmigaOS4.xMorphOS A Jump'n'Run puzzle game with an extremely high frustration factor.
Sqrxz2OCS 1.0 09-Dec-12 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Two seconds until death! A jump'n run puzzle game.
Sqrxz3 1.05 25-Nov-12 AmigaOS4.xMorphOSNetBSD Adventure for love. Mindblasting frustration deluxe!
Sqrxz 0.996 09-Sep-10 AmigaOS4.xMorphOSNetBSD A Jump'n'Run puzzle game with a high frustration factor.
Quake1 2.30 02-Oct-05 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUp Famous 1st-person 3D shooter from id Software. Assembler optimized rendering.
Penguin-Command 1.6.9 17-Sep-05 MorphOS MorphOS port of a Missile Command clone, with nice graphics and sound.
QuakeWorld 2.10 06-Jan-05 AmigaOS2.x/3.xAmigaOS4.xMorphOSWarpOSPowerUp A multi-player specific version of Quake, optimized for playing over the internet.
Quake2 - 16-Feb-02 IRIX5.x Statically linked software rendering version.
Battalion 1.4b 03-Jan-00 WarpOS A 3D monster game in OpenGL using StormMesa.
Mortar - 03-Sep-99 AmigaOS2.x/3.x Amiga port of Mortar, a sideview, multiplayer artillery game, similar to C64-Artillery.
AThrust 0.1 30-Aug-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.xWarpOS Amiga port of XThrust, which is a remake of the C64 game Thrust.
VDoom 0.3 31-Jan-98 AmigaOS2.x/3.xPowerUpNetBSD Port of id Software's "Doom", based on Peter McGavin's ADoom.

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